New Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) Rapid Antigen immunochromatographic membran test using very sensible monoclonal anticores against Novel Coronavirus.

SARS-CoV-2 (New Coronavirus) Rapid Antigen immunochemical test very sensible against Coronavirus is a immunochemical test helping to determine vırus antigens. It is being used for detection of infection in eariler level. Provides the test result within 15 mins. It is designed for professional use and no individual sale option.

Unit package contains ; test kit, swab, tube of extraction and dropper, solution and manual
of use.

Instruction of use Antigen Rapid Test:

→ Open and get ready the solution tube.

→ Get the swab samples first from the mouth and than from nose with the Swab stick turning it at least 4 times.

→ Place this swab sample into the solution tube and turn at least 4 times. Than break the stick from the marked point and close the tube.

→ Open the dropper part at the tap of the tube and drop 3 spots where shown on the test kit.

→ Follow the test result from the test kit after waiting 15 minutes.

→ In case there are double lines in section C and T it means that your test result is positive, if
there is single line in section C it means that your test result is negative.

→ In case single line appears on section T or there is no line it means that the test result is wrong You should apply the test once again according to instructions.